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How to Pay by CreDit Card without a Paypal membership

You can pay for events and membership on the Concord-Carlisle Neighbors site with a credit card, but WITHOUT joining PayPal.  Here's the step by step instructions.  To go back to the original page you were on, close this window or tab.  If you click on the graphics below, they will open in a larger size--you must close the window/tab they open in to get back to this page.

  1. Select the event you are going to pay for.  This example shows an event, but membership works the same way.   In this step, you are just choosing what to pay for and selecting basic info, then continuing the process.
  2. Complete the registration information, then click "Next".
  3. Confirm the information you entered, and click "Pay Online". 
  4. On the PayPal screen, select "Pay with Credit or Debit Card".  
  5. Fill in your credit card information. If you don't want to create a PayPal account, select that option at the bottom. 

Click "Continue" at the end to complete the Paypal transaction.


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