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chefs Gourmet Dining Group

 Leaders: David Rosenbaum 

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What is the Gourmet Group?

Groups of 8-10 people (5 couples or singles) meet every second month to jointly prepare and enjoy a themed fine meal 

with friends –new and old. We provide the menus, recipes and a matching wine selection list. Couples/Singles are assigned to either host, prepare one or more dishes, or purchase the wine –at discount from a local retailer. Ingredient alternatives are provided, as much as possible, to accommodate dietary restrictions/allergies.

How expensive is it?

That is a hard to question to answer as it does fluctuate with each menu and dish. We try to keep the menu items priced reasonably but we’d rather not put a figure on it. Typically the biggest outlay before the meal is for the person picking up the wine –on the other hand that is undoubtedly the least stressful and you only have to do it once per year.

How do I get involved?

You may choose your own group of 10 or we will find you a place with other food lovers and you can make some new friends. Please email David Rosenbaum (david.rosenbaum84@gmail.com) if you are interested in joining.

Substitutes are always needed and for those who are not sure they want to commit to 5 dinners, this is a great way to try out Gourmet and see if you like it.

But I don’t have a fine diner set/set of 10 plates/large enough table?
Don’t worry. It is not a problem and no one will care. Remember you are among friends; if your chairs, linens, and china don’t match it is not a problem. Nor is having to split the group up over two tables –progressive diner anyone?

For more information on how Gourmet Group works, check this handy Guide to Gourmet Group

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